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Are you interested in carrying our amazing candles in your store?  Hadwin House candles and melts are exceptionally clean burning, so wonderfully fragrant and boast a very competitive price, making them a great purchase for your guests.  

All of our candles are hand-mixed, hand-poured, and our jars are hand-cleaned, hand-wicked, and hand labeled.  You can feel good about selling your customers a truly hand made product- no machine work here!  That being said, from time to time there may be a few trademarks of a hand made item such as  a small color variance.   The wax we use is an ultra-refined, food-grade wax blend that we blend in house; this clean burning wax is low-temp melting and that feature reduces the risk of a wax-spill burn if one were to spill their candle or melt.  Safety-first- ALWAYS!

click shop now through our Faire direct link for 60 day terms!  New Faire members also get $100 credit and free shipping for a year!  https://hadwinhouse.faire.com

To order direct with us :  Drop us a line in the form below or call us at 256.486.2011

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