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What's with the wick dipper thingy???

So what is the big deal about dipping the wick and how in the world do you do such a thing?  At Hadwin House we are 100% obsessed with creating the perfect candle and are equally obsessed with candle care education.  If you've purchased candles recently in our store, you may have gotten a card showing best candle care methods because we are dedicated to your best candle experience.   Who knew candles needed care?  Years ago when I lived in Florida, and before I was a candle maker, I was introduced to candle care by another reputable candle line and was blown away at what I learned.  Seeing as how we use the finest, cleanest ingredients we can to make a clean-burning and amazing candle, why not give a little care to the investment so you can enjoy it a little longer.  Let me explain.   The wick dipper is a long stem with an angled end that allows you to dip the wick into the melt pool to extinguish the flame.  Why would one do that???  The reason is 2-fold.  For one, the flame is put out immediately and as opposed to blowing out or snuffing out, it fully extinguishes the flame which eliminates smoke and soot, and that icky smell afterward.  Secondly, it re-coats your wick in the wax which will add hours to your candle.  BE SURE TO STAND YOUR WICK BACK UPRIGHT.  As you get to the bottom of the jar, dipping may present a challenge so  at that point I recommend just blowing it out.  Also, it is very important to trim your wick to 1/4 in before lighting.  NEVER leave a candle unattended and avoid burning longer than 4 hours.  (that goes for ANY candle company).  I have added videos on social media about how to best care for your candles.  So there you have it, that is why we use the wick dipper thingy and we love it.  Once you start using it, you'll never want to blow out a candle again!