We will be out of the office from 3/27-4/3/2023. Orders may be placed but will not be filled until 4/4/2023.

About us/ FAQ's

We are an American Made company comprised of a family of 4!  We enjoy making our home a haven and we love American History.  Each one of us plays a part in making your candle.  We have taken the liberty of providing a small bit of American History or an American Inspiration to each tag with our candles.  Have some info to share?  We welcome it.  Just shoot us an email or add a note at checkout!  Here's to you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your candles soy?  No they are not.  We use a food-grade fully refined paraffin blend that is soft and smooth, burns clean and even, has a great scent throw and doesn't get too hot when burning- so if it spills, it will cool instantly and won't burn.

Do you pour the candles all by hand?  Yes, we take pride in each and every jar.  All jars are cleaned, wicked, poured, cleaned again, polished and labeled by hand.

Do your candles make a lot of soot?  When properly trimmed and burned according to our recommendations, our candles will burn virtually soot free.

Do your candles hold the scent?  Yes, our candles are scented all the way through.

Do you use lead-free wicks?  Yes, we use a zinc core wick which helps to keep down soot and smoke.