Size Matters

Size Matters

Size Matters…

While our candles are pretty fantastic, we want to set you up for success with some real size advice!  Some scents hold more potency than others so as a general rule, we recommend:

Small Jar/ Small Room

Small Rooms (12x12 max) a Small Jar is best!


Large Jar/ Large Room

Large Rooms (over 12x12) or rooms with lofted or vaulted ceilings a Large Jar is best!


It’s always fun to get a bunch of small jars when trying out new scents, just make sure to burn them in the best space to get the full effect.   There is a difference in Large Jars vs Small Jars in that our large jars feature a double wick and a larger mouth opening allowing for a more potent scent throw.  Our small jars are single wick and the smaller jar is smaller at the mouth opening.

Please note that in most cases this will be the rule but in cases such as Amelia’s Apple Pie, and other like strong scents, a small jar may work well in a Large room but we make no claims on it, as everyone's "Large Room" may differ slightly.  Draft and air flow force (fans, high power air) will also affect the ability to get max potency. 

So enjoy your candles, and as always we put 100% into each and every jar to give you the very best.  

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